Sunday, November 14, 2010

Run#201 The Trash

I had to put run 201 in prior to run 200 because if I didn’t people would cheat and read them non-sequentially and that would be difficult for me to deal with and if you are actually reading this one first so that you can read them in order then you have more problems than me. Go back to the other one. If all of this doesn’t make sense to you then that’s okay, you’ll be fine. Last week was Prickly Bush and Deep Throat’s Epic run. It was a bit of mine is longer than yours run after Fish Fingers semi-marathon the week before, but hey it’s all good. I need the workout and it’s not going to kill anybody, although I think I saw Muppet and Fingers start the run but didn’t see them at the end. Not sure what happened there. All care and no responsibility. If they don’t turn up in the next few weeks we might have to replace them. I think it was our first run from Pelcan Gardens Park. Shit run of course but the food after was pretty good. Dining under the car headlights was pretty romantic. About forty hot sweaty, beer soaked bodies and in the case of Barge, Champers as well. Yes it was Barges big 100. Only the second woman in the existence of Broome Hash to have hit one hundred. She took the Downdownpipe, which was a first for a Broome woman. She did it all in front of a big crowd. Speaking of doing it in front of a big crowd, two virgins, arms locked, spinning around in a circle within a circle. We didn’t mean they had to drink their downdown while performing but they did and did it well. Cockup is still in town and RA’d. I’m guessing Mr and Mrs Anal Tool are off bonking themselves silly on their honeymoon at the moment. “Hi guys” if you’ve stopped long enough to find an Internet Café on the Galapagos Islands. I was commenting on the food to the hares and they said it took a bit of organising as they were working girls! Upon realizing their faux-pas they tried unsuccessfully to dig themselves out of the hole. I’m sure they are really nice girls with good respectable jobs and that their parents are very proud of them. Stealth and I had media charges. The downdowns were shit. Warm beer and hot coke. That left over coke from the pizza night has got to go. Slow Lane, can you bring some Matsos ginger beer next week. That’s it for me. I’m now officially caught up. See you tomorrow. When we find out where it is.

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