Monday, November 1, 2010

Run#199 The Trash

Okay, I know, I’m late, but hey that’s me. We all have our talents. Speaking of which, Director likes to put on a show and of course he did so for Halloween. Last Monday night a group of Broome citizens went into the Kimberley Bookshop and came out Zombies. I was a bit scarily surprised how some people relished the opportunity to zombiefy and how some others looked so real. Hi Quickie. It was not so much of a traditional run as an orgy of running around like Zombies looking for populated places to plunder. Not many people followed my philosophy of running out in front of passing cars as I figured we were already dead that it wouldn’t hurt and if we did get hit it would give my fellow St. John volunteers a bit of a fright. Started off running through the Roey, a bit shy and then started to liven up a bit by that restaurant on the corner whose name escapes me at the moment. Not many people did the on backs as who wants to run off alone when you have other Zombies to hang with and by this stage we’d already figured we be hitting all the big spots so we headed straight to them. Coles was good, security seemed out numbered and as equally uninterested. Up the travelator through the carparks and on to see Ronald. A quick photo opp there then over to the Police station where Director pushed the red button. The cop came out as we were take the group photo under the police sign. Then retreated back inside. I suppose they deal with weirdos all the time so it was back in to eat donuts. What do Aussie Cops eat? It was then up the hill to the Mangrove. We had some enroute compliments and encouragement from our indigenous spectators. The Zombie Conga had slowed and we waited to regroup before swarming the Mangrove, except for Barge and someone else who went it alone. Not sure if it had the same effect. My guess is they just looked like a couple of weirdos. We on the other hand ran the gauntlet enmasse through the diners and across the stage and even got a mention by the band. Then we were gone. At Matsos we were told to fuck off by the manager. He gets a down down for that next week. Irish Murphys was a bit homely as it looked like a Morgue, and the girl at the Hospital couldn’t raise a smile, even when I asked her if she remembered me. Uranus was the only hospital person brave enough to come into A&E. The dark streets on the way to the Kimberley Klub were hauntingly pleasant and when we got there the taxi full of young Asian girls seemed a little distressed when AT and I opened the car door for them and the rest of the mob welcomed them out. Now I think back I don’t think they got out until we left. It was here the mob split. Some of the zombies were getting tired and headed back but a dozen of us headed west to the Boulevard. I’m just thinking of the irony of being a zombie in the Boulevard. I find it depressing, as I do all shopping centres which obviously has nothing to do with hash but just the infliction of my personal views on you if you are still reading. It’s that whole Gruen Transfer shit. Anyway back to the run. It was through Liquorland or what ever Woollies call their Liquorland then through the frozen food section and out through the checkouts where some of us appeared to be working in green shirts. It was pretty much an on home from there although Yamashitta and I popped into Blockbuster and asked the staff where the Horror section was. They just pointed blankly towards the rear wall in unison. Not sure if they epitomised the youth of today or maybe they just get bored with weird looking, sweating Zombie people coming into the store. Back at Zombie Central the beers were going down. I’m supposed to be writing a 3000 word essay on the sustainability ethics and corporate philosophy of a major corporation so I have to speed up. Circle great. One virgin. One naming. Irish guy became Urinal. Can’t work out why.

Cockup came in un zombie clothes. Food great (especially the homemade chilli burgers). Director caught on fire while BBQing and then threw burning shirt onto dry grass. Fire started, luckily Red not there. Had screen with scary video clips. All great except for the very end bit where Director discovered his expensive camera was missing. Not sure what happened to it. He was pretty distressed. If anyone has any ideas of what could have happened to it….

Tonight. Run number 200. See you there.

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