Monday, November 29, 2010


This'd be set by blokes for sure. Particularly where we don't tell you where it is until the last minute!

I blame barge - she sprained her ankle rather spectacularly on Thursday and couldn't type up the email. who knew she wrote with her foot? Actually it was lost in all teh other crap attached to teh email and everyone forget. Much like this one.........

1745 tonight to be transformed into a true gentleman at entrance point carpark (Ask someone for directions if you need to)

Bring torches.

Entrance Point car Park

Actual cooked food by red and bandit. Vegetarians bring something to have with rice - I couldn't be assed preparing two meals.

6.00 OFF

Torches essential. Mos would be handy but we will have fake ones for those unable or unwilling to sprout their own. Not waxing for a week or two counts as a mo.

Bring torches.

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