Thursday, October 21, 2010

Run#199 Oct 25

So you wanna be a zombie, hmm???

5 PM for 6 PM start -
Rear of Kimberley Bookshop.

Needing folk to turn up early please, some at 5, some at 5:15, some at 5:30 etc so that we can apply makeup.

Everyone to bring one item of old rags to wear over usual running gear - an old shirt , a hat, pants. Shred them up and we'll spray them with 'blood & gore".


K May said...

How do new comers get involved??

Red said...

New to Hash? Turn up.

KMay said...

new to Broome and Hash, sounds like fun. Thanks for getting back to me

Anonymous said...

i have never seen Kama, Cock-up, Red, Faucet and the Director looking so gorgeous!! There is a prize for the one who can put the name to the face/body/brain(?) most appropriate.

However, I do believe we could have:

On the right - Director - sorry the body shape does it.
Cock up - 2nd from right - we need him like a hole in the head and the internal picture does show damaged liver and intestines from too much booze !
Faucett - middle - always does like to show a bit of a hairy chest and generally 'armless.
Red - 2nd from left - easily disorientated (what arrows??)now we know why - he only has one eye - the other one is usually in his pants !

And left - has to be Kama - always off on a different tangent - sort of there - but not quite..

Anonymous said...

and there are so many other boys to choose from.....

Do you have to be over 50 to qualify for a face-to-body naming??

Anonymous said...

I think one looks like muppet

Anonymous said...

the pretty one no doubt

Red said...

Just for the Record I am 41!

Anonymous said...

41 what? waist size? shirt size? days until you turn 42 ?

In your absence and without your agreeance, a vote was cast by the citizens of Hash - "Ye Olde Red Book Shoppe" or is it BLack Books" now as Hash Headquarters.

Did you hear about the small bushfire out of Ye Olde Book Shoppe??