Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Run#197 The Trash

Well, you know what they say, “tiny arrows, big run”. Well maybe they don’t say that but I can say what ever you read. So I did. Bogger and Faucet set five and a half kilometre’s of adventure, with virgin bits, holes in fences, circumfrencing of buildings and a condom tree and all within a K of the start. Unfortunately the light rain softened a few arrows and the scattered toilet paper camouflaged the flour, on the hill and believe it or not the shire actually bobcatted the drain and took out the flour which had been carefully laid there the day before. And no we didn’t kick the holes trough the fences, we just capitalised on their appearance. Good crowd again of thirty plus. Some slackers dropped out early and took to the pool and I guess in the end most people ended up in it one way or another. With A.T. away it was the night to bring out one of our new trainee RA’s and what a fine job he did. Butterbitch can obviously do more than butter bread but even with his new high profile role he didn’t get any sex that night. School night of course. Started off with accusations of a shit run and the hares took it in their stride or their stroke as the down downed in the pool. Being up the deep end made it hard to down and tread and I guess in Boggers case it was the same either end of the pool. We had a pair of virgins who in turn were baptised by the virgin RA. We had Slow Lane and Cockup back after a bit of an absence but they of course had no trouble putting their beers away. Cracker had another media down down. She’s in the media more than Julia. And Namings. The man whose wife is a pusher got called Puller and then finally after a lot of runs the fishy aquaculture girl got called Octopussy. Not sure where she keeps them all. The photo of her christening looks a bit dodgy. I was there and either it happened quickly or there is some other reason for it. Speaking of namings did you see the name Dikshit has already been taken by a woman called Shelia in India. Some Kiwi TV show host made fun of her name and lost his job. None of that in Hash. We also named our youngest Hash member, Splinter, after her new Mum and Dad. Well done Gash and Woodpecker.

Faucet did the Thai green chicken curry thing and also emptied the bottom drawer of his fridge into a pot to make a curry for the vegos. There was also some premium on special chocie chip cookies for desert. A few people stayed on for a beer and the eskies even felt remarkably lighter next day. See you all next week. Been a while since we did the Roebuck Primary School. I'm even looking forward to it.

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