Thursday, September 30, 2010

Run#195 The Trash

What can I say? Another Shit Red run. Oh, I forgot the chalk. Oh, I forgot the flour. Oh, it’s so hot. Oh, my dress keeps riding up my arse. Toughen up bitch. Not you helper hare girl who still doesn’t have a name yet. At least you were able to drive him around to put his little notes out. Anyway regardless of all that, 15 people still turned up for the run. Even poor Faucet who forgot to bring his shoes did the run in his thongs. Please note that’s plural. But there was one saving grace. The cocktail. It may have looked like a bucket of vomit in the back of the ute but served up in fancy glasses with a strawberry embellishment it was tré flash. I think everyone enjoyed it, some even several times, The circle was small and cosy and in his inalienable style A.T. pulled out another virgin special and had the new guy hopping around in a circle on one foot. He even managed to take his down down the same way. Style. And we had a naming which is always fun. The fit looking guy who did the run with his friend the volleyball ended up being called Wilson. Tom Hanks. Castaway. Just in case you needed help. There was no food, actually there was some token nibbly shit but nothing I could substitute for dinner. There was post run entertainment with car bogging. It started with random tourists but then moved on to hashers. Actually the ones in the two wheel drives got through no probs, it was just the hare girl with no name that got her 4x4 bogged in the soft sand. We were fortunate to have AT stand around and direct procedures so any potential traffic jams were avoided. People left early to see old Buttlips. Quickie took the flash photos this week. Thankyou.

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