Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Run#194The (other)Trash

Wow! Crusty Franger. That’s all you need to get 40 people to come, well it was Monday night anyway. I think we broke all records for a numbers for a non special run. Not that all our runs aren’t special mind you. Crusty staggered in around six with a red face and SOB (that’s short of breath for the few of us who don’t work for the health department). He’d just set the run and what a shit run it was. We were chicken almost every intersiction but that helped keep the big herd together. I guess that’s a Kiwi skull or maybe even an African one. Crusty offered plenty of times to opt out as we passed close to home several times. At some stage after 27kms about 33 of us decided enough was enough and left the hare and sivin suckers run the last six km’s alone. It seemed to take a while but then we heard they got stuck into a slab of emu which slowed them down. All this was good for Franger as she toiled away in a panic making spaghetti. We moved the trailer over to the footpath under a street light opposite Frangers where Red jumped out and scared a few and Slang set up a sidewalk Tee shirt stall. The two score of us circled up while AT did his stuff. We had a few returnees, Effing still wearing the original hash loincloth from her last run. It’s pretty obvious by the lack of supply, that the latest Hash Shirts are a real ‘must have’ fashion accessory in Broome. There was some discussion about a slight change to the design for the new batch with maybe a boab or the runners holding a beer but penes, turkeys or hairy gonads never got a mention. That’s okay though as most of our visitors turn up wearing them. Porno graced us with his presence despite his hectic schedule servicing the Kimberley Communities. It was nice to see him again. For those that don’t read the blog then you won’t get this but we now know that the person in the light was not Cockup but actually Fishfingers as Red and Faucet spotted her again under a streetlight. Why does she do that? We had the Brewins from Scotland or Perth or somewhere turn up and fortunately Slang was there for translating purposes. The few of us that attempted to take off the Scottish accent ended up sounding like Raja from Mumbai trying to sell a new mobile phone. The Broons bought a virgin with them, which was a nice offering, we paired him up with the other one someone else bought along and ring a ring a rosied them into the fold. Slops did a sad shoe skol but at least she did it I guess. Crackerfat fessed up that it was her birthday and Gash put in a proxy for hers. Speaking of Gash, she’s only got 3 weeks to go before that thing that Woodpecker put in there comes out. I guess at least if she has it on a run she be well catered for by all our health professionals. We could also name it for them in the circle. Speaking of which, we have quite a few newbies waiting on names. A whisper of the Famous Five could see a quarter score of them labelled next week. We’ll need the bookworms there for that one. The Hares did a great job with the food. Spag Bol for all. I’m going to bed now, I’m tired. Oh No! Red’s been at it again. I feel like the bridesmaid. Fair enough.

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