Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Run#192The Trash

AGPU. Well none of this political hung parliament shit for Broome Hash. No back room deals, independants, postal votes PMs or GG’s. Get a circle, A.T. just says who wants to be GM. Barge says Faucet. He says well.. um.. and then he downs a beer and its all over. And all the ministries go to the same suckers as last year unless they’re old and cagey enough like Muppet to weasel out of it. And Red even if you do turn up late in your fancy clothes you still keep your job. In fact even if you don’t turn up you’re still in. Congrats Slow Lane. Not to downplay the effort put in by those said people who keep the club running. Westpac Hash Cash, Barge Hash Sex (she spells it differently), Hash Trash and I guess Flash, Faucet and the new Haberdash, Slang. We also have some depth in the RA’s with AT, Slow, Red, Faucet, Cockup and the new trainees Butterbitch and I think Slang and Fish Fingers (I think that’s right). Hash other stuff like trailers is usually sorted by Conchie although that wasn’t mentioned. And Red did the shirts. Director retains the strategic events portfolio and last but not least the Old man Kama remains the old barstard who started it all. He got a late pass from Germanus Kent to attend the evening. Fortunately it was a pram and walking frame friendly run. Yeh right! And all those Hares who set trails and fed people, better thank ourselves for that too. If I’ve forgotten anyone, bad luck, I don’t like you or I forgot or I just got sick of writing stuff. Wow this has gone on longer than the actual AGPU. For those of you having trouble dealing with all the acronyms, S.S.! Well I don’t have to spend too much time writing about the run. It was shit.

There were several hundred of us for the circle which is pretty good as we didn’t mention the evening was gratis. Heir Westpac and Hare Anal Tool had to take the first of hundreds of down downs. Mac the Mouth was there to show us how practice makes perfect. Virgins. Ring a ring a Rosey??? A.T. where are you getting all this shit from. It’s great. I’m glad I’ve already lost my virginity. We had a few returnees. Old faces and old bodies. We had two namings which was cool. The Don was almost christened Priscilla but at the last minute got renamed Cock in a Frock so CIAF it is. You know how it happens, you can act like Ghandi all your life but sniff a seat, have sex with a goat or wear a dress and that’s all people remember. Not that I was thinking Cock in a Frock was like Ghandi. Maybe poor? And the blondie girl who hasn’t been for a while ended up being called Floater. Shit Name. Something to do with floating around on True North while the rest of us were working.

The source of power of any Hash would have to be the Esky and ours now has a dual purpose. It is an Honour Board for the legends who have done a hundred. Well done guys and girl and Conchie. Speaking of honour we also acknowledged those Dragon Boat legends with an impromptu boat race. My side won. I’m nearly finished. Food. As always, new, interesting hearty and plentiful. Well done guys. I’m stopping now.


Red said...

Who is that eerily spotlit person at the back of the Hash Group Shot?? Not the Ghiost of Hash Runs to come surely??

Faucet said...

Got me. Looks a bit like Cockup but it ain't

Fish Fingers said...

Its me you dickheads

Red said...

Aaah yes! And never looking lovelier!