Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Run#189 The Trash

Well then. It’s been a while since a normal Roebuck Estate run. You know the sort where you run around through a suburb of similar houses in repetitive curved, circular dead-ended streets and winding pindan drains. Back fences and barking dogs but this time we got to look for pink and blue tape instead of flour (I guess you could call it a gluten free run). Actually we may have to peruse the OH&S regs to see if it’s safe to follow tapes hidden in trees while running in the dark. It may be fine for a Woodpecker but a bit tricky for the rest of us. Regardless of the trail it seemed to end up with the same result of Roey runs where the pack gets split up and only those who run with the hare make it home on time. Didn’t hear the trumpet after the first corner.

I think it was two dozen that went out and about 24 came home. Red and the Ruby Dog took on the RA role. We toasted the pair of big bellied hares, Gash and Woodpecker for a shit run and I think I saw Gash’s beer end up on Woody’s head.

We had a few returnees like Slowlane and Perky and just the one virgin. She seemed a bit of a slow skoller but made up for it by trying to start early, even before we sang the virginsong. Considering it’s probably our best song we had to start her off again but then she ended up going for the beer shampoo option. We had another naming this week with the young blonde doctor ending up with Fingers. Something to do with an old injury??? It was almost Fingered but it was a few of the older males who whimped out on that one. I think there could be a few risqué names now that we have Wetspot on board. Virgins beware. The big item for the night after a section of adds on Dragon boats, Triathalons and dog bondage was the acknowledgement of the current old man of Hash’s one hundredth run. As one of the founders of our current Hash it took a while but he finally made it. This is a good time to call him a fuckwit as I can do this as he never reads the blog anyway. Wanker. No not really, He’s actually a bit of a legend even if he is mellowing with age. Well done Cockup.

Last but not least was the food. Everyone queued up like Afghani refugees post Ramadan to devour a whole pot of Chile con carne which was pretty good and then followed up by some yummy chocky caramel slice thingy. A couple of beers, a nice chat and a pleasant Monday evening. .


Red said...

Has coxy got his hand on his genitals or is he launching into a chorus of "Swing Low"?

Anonymous said...

hand on genitals as he is away from wife. makes sense.