Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Run#188 The Trash

Well Fanta Pants really knows how to put on a show. Over thirty people graced the front yard of the Demco elite to experience one the best Hash nights we’ve had for a while. For some reason, maybe mob mentality or maybe ranga innocence most people seemed to follow Fanta Pants as she headed off on all the long false trails (she was trained by Faucet you dickheads). It did make for a nice beach jog and bush walk though. I wonder what those locals perched high on their balconies sipping their evening cocktails thought about the sound and light show as the cacophony of on ons and lights did circles around the soft sandy tracks of the sewerage pond dunes. The hashers finally left the bush to only end up doing a bit more in the backyard of Bran Nue Day. Probably had the residents there a bit worried as they saw the lights coming for them from the bush but then hey, they probably can’t remember it now. The piece de resistance would have to be the hash halt at the Satay Hut. We quadrupled the patronage and doubled the work of the bar staff as the 31 of us rushed in, downed a beer and were off again. It was a simple run back to the Rotunda on the edge of Antartica where the wind chill factor was pushing zero. The circle was pretty great as we huddled around the no alcohol sign and AT the RA put in his best effort so far. I’m wetting my pants waiting to tell you the funny bit but you’ll just have to wait a little longer. The hares Fanta pants and Faucet got the first down down. I thought it was a bit unfair as I only set the on backs and not the trail but then who am I to complain about free beer. We had Crusty visit us all the way from NZ where men are men (and sheep are nervous), we had the Christmas island pair with us again, a few semi regular returnees and then 3 VIRGINS. We are getting the virgin song down pat now but then AT pulled out a real clanger as he assembled the 3 innoncent newbies in the centre of the circle. He told them that hash tradition required them to hold hands and then dance around in an anticlockwise direction as we sang the virgin song. It was pretty hard to sing and laugh at the same time but we somehow managed and they are now inducted into the hash house hall of fame as the virgin hash dancers. Having a big crowd was great for the singing and for the two other big events for the night Firstly, the girl who has been desperate for a name finally got one. It’s taken a while but finally a name came back from her early hash days when she set a run on a rainy dry season night down at the Surf Club. Drawing a long bow, she set her run in a wet spot and as a consequence of her poor choice of nights she will now be forever known as Wetspot. AT christened her in the traditional manner and she was finally officially welcomed to our slightly dysfunctional family. Speaking of slightly dysfunctional, the last but not least event for the night was the man of colour’s 100th run. As AT mentioned, to achieve such a feat he must have attended at least every second run and considering this was his second attempt at doing his one hundredth it must be about right. Congratulations RED, at last you reached one of the pinnacles of Broome hashdom. Like Muppet and Kamakazie before you, you have now experienced 100 routes, sang hundreds of songs, stood in a hundred circles and downed countless beers. Congratulations from us all.
To finish off, actually to swiss off we had a great stodgy risotto. It okay as I’m sure that word doesn’t translate. On a chilly Broome night there were copious amounts of the warm stuff to fill our bellies followed up by chilli chocolate. I made a funny. There was also pear and blueberry and orange and mint but hey why the fuck would you produce a salty chocolate. Anyway, off to work now.
Like a virgin, Wooo……

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