Friday, July 30, 2010

Run#186 The Trash

Cockup. Wonder how he got that name? What a shit run; it even had all the dogs in the light industrial area howling in antipathy. But then again 23 suckers turned up to do it and although no-one ended up following the same trail home we all end up back at the start. Faucet and the apprentice RA Slang led the circle. First up was Cockups roasting for the shit run followed closely by a Virgin. We only had one but she seemed to be enjoying herself and I must say we are now getting a real handle on our virgin song. We had the Chrissy Islanders here again as well as a few returnees such as Half-assed and Tackle box. Pash and Stealth had to do a down down for something which I didn’t quite understand until they tried to explain it and then I understood it even less. We had two naming and no, one of them wasn’t that pesky blonde girl who is just hanging out to be named. I’ve never met some one so desperate to be named. She was even trying to help with suggestions about her great grandfathers horse screwing days. It’s okay Doc, we’ll find you a suitable name eventually. People can actually suggest names on the comment posting thingy below. Her sister also needs a name as well as another little blonde chic who quietly piling up the runs and hides discretely in the crowd. We did find a name for two people though. The Flying Doctor guy who delivers babies ended up Stork and the Swiss Ranga ended up with Fanta Pants. I’m guessing she’ll have trouble looking that up in her swiss-german dictionary. At the christenings Faucet did the words and Slang did the holy water sprinkling, it was very touching. The food was ample and vegoish with fish patties which I’m guessing don’t really contain fish anyway and yummy wedges and then a big calorie loaded frozen cheese cake. I was watching desperate for name girl trying to cut a piece in half and eventually give up and take the whole thing. Woodpecker was the Hash Flash for the night and contributed this arty piece below. Has a bit of style really. Don’t forget that next week is a Superheros night where you get to wear your undies on the outside in public. Or maybe a cape or a mask. Be brave or stupid. Who cares, it’s Hash..

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