Friday, July 9, 2010

RUN #183 Redux 12JUL

Take Two!
Rain or shine H3 runs 52 weeks of the Year, so you know there is no doubt it will always be happening regardless of the weather.

We will take this opportunity to suggest some things that may keep the rain off and keep you warm;

"Long Distance Swimmer" Style - 1 kilo pot of lanolin (make sure you get it in all your creases).

"Jacques Costeau" Style - Wetsuit mandatory, little red beanie and accent optional.

"Scott of the Antartic" Style - Seal Skin jacket and wolf fur gloves. Best not wander of on your own though....

"Red Indian" Style - A still warm bison carcass to climb into may be a little hard to find at this time of the year (they migrate south).

Hares:-Sarah & Brad

Running from:- Surf Club - CAR PARK??

Meet 545pm Leave 6pm

Food & Drink

Torches Please

On On Barge

(This is really Run #184)

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