Friday, July 30, 2010

RUN #187 02AUG

Hare: Pash
Venue:Tamika Court Robinson St (near Broome museum)
Dress code: Super Heroes
545pm-6pm off
Food & Drinks
Torches and undies on the outside

This'll be Pash's Last Run in Broome (Thank God!) Please come along and make her send off a good one so she won't come back (like commando).

Run#186 The Trash

Cockup. Wonder how he got that name? What a shit run; it even had all the dogs in the light industrial area howling in antipathy. But then again 23 suckers turned up to do it and although no-one ended up following the same trail home we all end up back at the start. Faucet and the apprentice RA Slang led the circle. First up was Cockups roasting for the shit run followed closely by a Virgin. We only had one but she seemed to be enjoying herself and I must say we are now getting a real handle on our virgin song. We had the Chrissy Islanders here again as well as a few returnees such as Half-assed and Tackle box. Pash and Stealth had to do a down down for something which I didn’t quite understand until they tried to explain it and then I understood it even less. We had two naming and no, one of them wasn’t that pesky blonde girl who is just hanging out to be named. I’ve never met some one so desperate to be named. She was even trying to help with suggestions about her great grandfathers horse screwing days. It’s okay Doc, we’ll find you a suitable name eventually. People can actually suggest names on the comment posting thingy below. Her sister also needs a name as well as another little blonde chic who quietly piling up the runs and hides discretely in the crowd. We did find a name for two people though. The Flying Doctor guy who delivers babies ended up Stork and the Swiss Ranga ended up with Fanta Pants. I’m guessing she’ll have trouble looking that up in her swiss-german dictionary. At the christenings Faucet did the words and Slang did the holy water sprinkling, it was very touching. The food was ample and vegoish with fish patties which I’m guessing don’t really contain fish anyway and yummy wedges and then a big calorie loaded frozen cheese cake. I was watching desperate for name girl trying to cut a piece in half and eventually give up and take the whole thing. Woodpecker was the Hash Flash for the night and contributed this arty piece below. Has a bit of style really. Don’t forget that next week is a Superheros night where you get to wear your undies on the outside in public. Or maybe a cape or a mask. Be brave or stupid. Who cares, it’s Hash..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Run#185 The Trash

Last minute hash blog again but only because I just finished the run which was so bloody long. What a crap run. Started off okay and then I just kept taking the wrong trail and they were all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. Luckily I managed to find the on home and then caught a taxi. So, Softy I’ll have to admit you out did Two Dogs shit run from last year. Unfortunately when we got back to the trailer we had to break in so we could have a beer. I think we need to set in place a protocol for beer access after the run, especially fluid sucking runs like that one. I don’t think we had any virgins but we had a few returnees a couple of visitors and a couple of namings. We still have a few to name this week too. Cockup was the RA and took pleasure in christening the tall lanky guy Fatso after the 5m croc whose teeth he had to swab after a recent croc attack. Hey why don’t we see if we can get croc man to join hash! Seems like a real Party guy. We also named the guy with his legs spread, Rash. Don’t know what caused the rash but I’m sure his missus can get him a cream for it. Maybe even rub it on for him? May have just been crabs he caught from the two Christmas Island hashers who dropped in for a run. They even displayed their crabs on their shirts. Hey, Pash, Gash and now Rash, enough with ashy names. Not sure what Swiss girl and Westpac are doing in this photo. She needs a name. The food was good, a few people stayed on for a chat which was nice. If you need a note from your mummies to hang around for a beer then just let us know and we’ll arrange it.

See you tonight if you read this today otherwise I saw you last night unless you read this when you get home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

RUN #186 26JUL

Hare-Cock Up
Venue-15 Clementson St, APT HQ
545pm leaving 6pm
Food & Drinks
torches yes

Friday, July 16, 2010

Run#184 The Trash

Good to see at least 20 people were able to find the Surf Club car park this week. Brad and Sarah had a second go at getting people to turn up and while Brad was left to do the domestic trailer duties Sarah and a virgin ??? took off to do a live run. Pretty adventurous considering Sarah has just recently become un-virgined herself. A shit run of course with short on backs, clumps of arrows and lots of running. I checked online and it was 5.5kms and I managed to run nearly all the way, no wonder I was so thirsty. It was good to see a few oldies back, especially Commando who has moved back to Broome and obviously dragged Effing along for a run. Slang was back and in good form and even Cockup managed to get around the trail without a major breakdown. Better mention Muppet who, despite her age and having had the most routes of any Hash member, was sticking to the front of the pack, just like the old days. We also had a few virgins which was good. A.T was RA but had to wait for 4 stragglers so he could start the circle. They got lost and ended up running along the bush track which is pretty stupid as it was an all chalk run and there was no flour trail so obviously no bush. I suppose just turning up at hash qualifies them for being stupid anyway. The circle started with a rerun of last weeks circle and Sarah and Faucet having to down a beer. What dedication those guys have, the sort of legends you will tell your grand children about. I’ll keep the egocentricity short this week. Now for the interesting bit of the blog where you actually learn something that might help you in the future. Hash is a great place to learn all sorts of things and Monday was no exception. I now know what a Shewee is. Not that I can see a need for me purchasing one but as Broome hash is predominately a girl hash I can see they may be all the rage. No more of this sneaking off to squat in the bush, just line up with the boys. At the risk of being accused of plagiarism I have cut and posted the description directly from their website. Shewee, the portable urinating device, is a moulded, water repellent plastic funnel that allows women to urinate whilst standing or sitting and without removing clothes. It is ideal for outdoor pursuits, hash and long car journeys or for travelling abroad. (I actually added the hash bit). Now to change subject completely, the food was great. Some meat thingies in wraps. Very gourmet.
I’m gone.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

RUN #185 19JUL

Hare: Softy
Place: 2 Manilya Rd. Blue Haze
Meet 545pm leave 6pm
Food & Drinks

Friday, July 9, 2010

RUN #183 Redux 12JUL

Take Two!
Rain or shine H3 runs 52 weeks of the Year, so you know there is no doubt it will always be happening regardless of the weather.

We will take this opportunity to suggest some things that may keep the rain off and keep you warm;

"Long Distance Swimmer" Style - 1 kilo pot of lanolin (make sure you get it in all your creases).

"Jacques Costeau" Style - Wetsuit mandatory, little red beanie and accent optional.

"Scott of the Antartic" Style - Seal Skin jacket and wolf fur gloves. Best not wander of on your own though....

"Red Indian" Style - A still warm bison carcass to climb into may be a little hard to find at this time of the year (they migrate south).

Hares:-Sarah & Brad

Running from:- Surf Club - CAR PARK??

Meet 545pm Leave 6pm

Food & Drink

Torches Please

On On Barge

(This is really Run #184)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Run#183 The Trash

Well that was fucking sad. Only me and Faucet turned up for the run but I must say it was a good run. It was the first run where I led the pack all the way, found most of the right trails, located all the checks and only took a couple of on backs. I’m not sure what kept people away, there were plenty of parking spaces available. Sure, there was a bit of drizzle and a slight Arctic breeze but hey, we still managed to work up a sweat. Stealth turned up to give me the book and then ran away. Am I that scary? Cable beach was totally deserted and despite being dark we didn’t see a soul. I must admit I did feel a little like Kevin Rudd as I headed off along the sand towards Gantheaume, but I soon recovered as we sucked in the serenity of the moment. The circle was awkward but my schizophrenia came in useful as we sang the wank song and then pies chips and gravy. The fact there was no beer was slightly depressing but made me realise the wisdom and foresight of having a beer before you go to hash. I did manage to find a few old half empty stubbies in the car park but I refuse to pay the three bucks for them next week. Hopefully next week you pack of limp wristed, pissweak, whinging, soft, amby pamby motherfucking arseholes will turn up. On On.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Run#183 July 5th

Virgin Hare's-Sarah & Brett

Run From:-Surf Club

545pm leave at 6pm


Food & Drink