Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Run#181 The Trash

The Real Muppet chucking a down down over her head

The World Cup. That’s nothing. Less than 2 billion people but more than 30 people turned out for the most anticipated sporting event in Broome this year. Muppet. What a woman. The female Kamikaze. 100 runs. The two men that are soon to follow in her footsteps. Red and Cockup were there to observe the spectacle and observe they did as they sat on their flat arses drinking beer after they found run too confusing and on homed early. I can’t really blame them. I, like lots of others was a bit lost too. But hey Westpac wanted to set a special run for a special girl and she did. The winning word was not “fucked if I know” but actually “Glückwünsche Muppet” Unfortunately no-one got it so the prize will jackpot to next week. When I first started Hash, Muppet was a powerhouse, setting the pace and leaving the boys in her wake. The hundred runs has now slowed her down or maybe it was all those false trails she followed Red on until she figured out he’s a loser (loser as in a person who loses people and the pack and the trail). Now she just runs around making old people like me feel that I’m really fit.

Back to the run. It must be said we did get to learn a bit more about Roebuck Estate. We had a handful of virgins turn up who are probably still trying to work out what Hash is all about and wonder why Muppet is still there. A few oldies turned up as well. Porno and Fishfingers were there but very subdued. It was also a special night with lots of people wearing Red Noses. No silly, not red noses like Red’s nose but silly red bulbous ones in aid of SIDS. Gash and Woody have a strong connection with SIDS and Gash has written a book which she had there for sale but as it had her real name on it not many people realised the connection.

Slang was back in good form and her achievements were a bit under stated with all the other stuff going on. She had her 50th Run. Her Mum came over from the UK especially for the occasion but Slang forgot to bring her along. I remember when she was a virgin. How time flies. And while all this was going on Happi was chained to the stove cooking up a feast. I guess you’d call it Sheppard’s pie but I’m not sure where she’d find any Sheppard’s around Broome to use in it. Whatever she used it tasted good and there were copious amounts with heaps of people lining up for seconds. And there was Jelly and Ice-cream. And a cake!

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Anonymous said...

The reason Muppet runs slower is to make old people like Faucett & Cockup feel they are running faster and not feeling like they are fucking 50! (plus).