Monday, June 14, 2010

Run#179 The Trash

Probably as good a time as ever to roll out a few cliché’s like “better late than never”. Cracker set a cracker of a run. Director was the RA and rambled on about how great it was. He even outrambled that memorable time when Cockup raved on about some run one day in the past. Me. Well I never ramble on. Especially at 5.25 on a Monday night when I have to go to hash. No pictures this week. There’s enough pictures of Cracker around the place anyway. Food was great as usual, even catered for the vegos who weren’t there so us carno’s ate it anyway. Singing was a bit poor, Slang was there but in poor voice. Sang a couple of quiet numbers and a new song which was pretty crap but worked well. Being a public holiday things were a bit slow and numbers down but good fun all the same. See you all in a few minutes.

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Red said...

Yeh Nice. My post for next week's run is longer. Thought you'd eventually get to the bottom of your bullshit bucket!