Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RUN #181 21JUN

My what an auspicious occasion!

Tonight's $5 goes to charity. Apparently it is Red Muppet day on Friday so we've decided unilaterally to donate proceeds to this great day. If scintillating conversation, exercise and a little bit of silliness don't tempt maybe the thought of donating to Red Muppet day will get you along.

Also The Nose is celebrating her 100th Run (beat me on a count back or percentages). Only the second runner to achieve this startling milestone (the other being Kamikaze(No longer with us (at hash, much))

ANYWAYS; RUN DETAILS - Oh shit it's Roebuck estate again! Bags running 'round the primary school!

Next Run:

Hares: Happy & Westpac
Venue: 14 Goshawk Loop crn Swift Way in Roey Estate
Start: 5.45 pm for 6 pm Start
Food and Drinks provided

Red Nose Day Run & Muppets 100th Run to celebrate

Torches or Infrared useful

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