Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RUN #180 The RED Trash

It's all about me!

Driven to hash by way of Slow Lane's House. Waited several minutes ( I have mown my front lawn waiting for him in the past). The Delightful Pash driving Bertie the pretend car to Slangs house picking up slang - slang wedging half her arse onto the back seat - it was full of mine and Stealths.

Of to the Run. Glimmers of setting sun - i've never seen the other hashers look so good. As they were in silhouette none of the more frightening deformities were visible!

Off we went.

Auspicious start - no arrows for the first couple of hundred metres just a long line of hashers with the people without torches out in front everyone else bleating along behind them.

The trail was discovered by Red (after a helping finger from Butterbitch) and off we went. It is a physiological fact that in low light conditions pink surveyors tape is actually impossible to see.

You know when they do colour blind tests and they put pink and green together because they are difficult to differentiate? Yeh that's it!

The occasional chalk mark graced us with it's presence as if Perky's only contribution to the run had been a wildly astray propaganda drop from high altitude aircraft of a half doz. arrows otherwise scared of footpaths and kerbs.

Of we went past Pinctada following NO trail yet again. Everyone lost interest in following no trail turned around and picked it up at the divers. All teh best pickups happen there.

I on the other hand found a short cut - it involved a six foot high chain link fence two strands of barb wire and the near puncturing of my left nut. Still well worth the 500 metres it saved me running back the other way. I can't believe Muppet didn't follow me!

I found Cracka and we both were discovered by Butter bitch - Cracka ran off saying she was going to do her own little run ( This means walk back to Home without anyone noticing)

After running around in circles stopping for a beer and chips at a mates place (sorry Slang), losing Softy on Gubinge road I ran on home to find teh Barby going and everyone milling around socialising instead of getting circled up. Wouldn't have happened in Cock Ups DAY!

I think we had a couple of visitors from Albany. hellos were exchanged and they wandered of somewhere around the carpark and may have made it to the divers.

Sorry. Nearly digressed into expressing gratitude to Hares and people that do things to make hash happen each week.

I'll sign off with a swipe at my house building exam sitting rat catching compadre who managed to post the last blog 35 minutes before the run!


Red said...

PS. If you didn't get a mention in this blog you aren't annoying or nice enough to me!

Except for Slow Lane - I was just ignoring him.
Oh and Tackle Box - I can't understand her.

Red said...

I didn't mention Faucet either because he will (Many Many times)

faucet said...

No one will believe you. They've all followed you before!

Anonymous said...

"IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" - your opening line - and when isn't it !!