Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Run#176 The Trash

Really sorry but no blog this week as I'm really really busy or next week when I'm just riding a bike through APT truck rutts on the Gibb)

If you have trouble dealing with blog loss, then please contact one of the following agencies

Lifeline WA
57 Murray St
Perth WA 6000
(08) 9261 4444

Alcoholics Anonymous
Claisebrook Lotteries House 33 Moore St
East Perth WA 6004
(08) 9325 3566

I'll be Back!


Red said...

Normally what happens here is Red fills in....

Here is his Blog.

Faucet said...

You actually have to turn up to write the blog. How did you know that I was a last minute hare?
You obviously suffer from scaredofshanerunaphobia. You should get that looked at.

Red said...

It's the "looked at" part that worries me.... aren't you supposed to be up to your armpits in mud and shit? (reliving your apprentice plumbing days ('though with a bicycle))?