Thursday, April 22, 2010

Run#172 The Trash

I have a rat. Do you care? No. Then stop reading. See, you do care. It is in the wall behind my bed and wakes me up about 5.00 am. At the moment the rat is winning. He thinks I feed him with entertaining contraptions that make meal times a challenge. I must admit he is a cute rat as I have seen him/her/it and have worked out how it is getting into the wall but before I can block off the access point I need to disappear the rat. You may be asking what all this has to do with Hash? Nothing.

The hares, Pash, Stealth and Franger set three quarters of a great run. I unfortunately missed their last treasure so I have nothing to compare but this one was good run until it got a bit messy around the Boulevard and the runners didn’t quite go where they were supposed to. Then the tr ail was lost and twenty seven of us were left to wander arrowlessly through the dodgy back blocks of old Broome in the dark. I think it was Fishfingers who said her GPSpedometerthingy said she ran 6.1kms but then she usually shortcuts where she can. Mmmm. I tagged along with the Virgin backpackers who turned up late and mostly in thongs. Faucet knew the two American girls and somehow assumed they were all yanks as they had funny accents and then as he was explaining ANZAC day to them one of the guys said, “it’s okay mate, I’m from Adelaide” Two of the others were from Estonia I think. Probably the first Estonians we’ve had to Broome Hash. We also had a slut from Derby Hash. Doesn’t that sound terrible! She was a lovely girl and it’s not her fault she doesn’t have a name. Sounds like Derby Hash are big drinkers. Maybe they should just name all their runners after brands of beer. Yamashitta also dragged her sibling Yamashittasister along to see what she gets up to on Monday nights. And Slang, she was late and came dressed in work clothes which shows dedication but still didn’t stop her from getting a down down and some ice cold water. It was good to see she was back in fine form again. Director led the circle. Not too many charges which was fortunate as the down downs had a sort of brown frothy scum on them. Don’t think we had any Matsos Ginger beer and therefore used a dodgy generic brand? Bits of good news though. The trailer was there. Looks great. And about fucking time….the Tshirts arrived, and they look great too. Well done to all those involved in the shirts and trailer. Free down downs next week I propose. While all this was going on Pash was like the little suburban house wife of yesteryear toiling away in the kitchen with the butter chicken curry. It tasted delicious and I’m sure only those of us who had burnt the bottom of the saucepan before realised what that hidden flavour was. The backpackers would have enjoyed any meal that did not involve tuna or two minute noodles. Great job girls. Next week. Director. The Port. Anzac Day Holiday. Morning run. Actually when I was young we used to go straight from the Nightclub to morning social occasions (and sometimes work). I’m sure you did the same Cockup. Actually that’s not quite true as there wasn’t nightclubs in those days it was just parties that went all night. Whatever. Monday morning. The Port. See below.

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Anonymous said...

Come on now Faucet, you need to improve your Jamie Oliver skills, it was smoked/burnt Satay NOT butter chicken! Poor house wifey Pash having her food misrepresented!!!!!!