Thursday, April 1, 2010

Run#169 The Trash

It’s okay to have a beer at 10.00am if you are writing the blog. Isn’t it! Yesterday was a really hard day and I went to bed early and didn’t get to have a beer, so it’s really just catch-up. So, Quickies run. No on ons just two twos and three Kings. Actually I had 7 Kings and an ace and whoever it was standing next to me said I must have cheated but then I saw they had 5 sevens. That’s a pathetic half arsed attempt at middle of the road I didn’t cheat poker. The worst poker cheating player of all would have to Yamashitta who showed her 5 lousy cards to Quickie at the orange stop at the Budda Sanctuary and then with the most pathetic of lies tried to explain how she happened to have 5 cards after 3 stops. You need lying lessons girl. Come to my place, my kids are expert con artists and will give you a few tips. And poor Quickie, great idea for a run but the look of amazement on her face when she discovered more than half the runners cheated was priceless. So sweet and innocent. Fancy making us run to five pubs and not stop in any of them for a beer. Actually I think a few people did. Half-arsed? And Director, you were pretty late back. If you took all the shortcuts including getting through the high fence that ripped the crutch out of Faucets shorts then it was a 5.5 km run. Hey maybe Hash should do a group pub crawl run through every bar in Broome. Now there’s a good idea! Speaking of not good ideas. Slowlane and Porno had a bit of a testosterone tussle on the footpath outside Budda’s house. 30 hard and fast pushups. Not sure what the passer-bys thought, some new prayer to Budda or just a couple a couple of guys who hadn’t noticed that their girlfriends had left while they were busy checking each other out. Back at down down central everyone enjoyed the cooling Indian Ocean breezes. We had quite a few returnees that needed a Matso’s ginger beer and XXXX down down. Sadly they had lame excuses about having been away working. Hey Slang and Red, where are you guys? I think there was just the one virgin who is a Matsos employee. We had a naming which is always nice. The girl who runs Ironman’s was named “Hardcore”. A few people said that Hardcore was a bit of a lame name but they were probably just the one’s who haven’t looked at the tabs on a porn site on the web and almost certainly didn’t cheat at Quickies poker. Nice healthy food, rolls and meat and salad and fruit washed down by cool beer overlooking Cable Beach. What a pleasant way to spend a Monday evening. What are those flashy things up the side of Crakers pants and shirt and who's the guy on the right, looks like we brought in more serious enforcers!

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