Thursday, February 25, 2010

Run#164 The Trash

Well that was fucking stupid. Can I say that? Sure. Thanks. Signing on with 4 slightly new virgins to set a 6.8 km run! Firstly I have to admire their gallantry in setting a run so early in their career but then disparage them for setting it at 4.30 on the Monday but then they/we did get it done and it was a good run so I must also extol them. I’m using fancy words because they are school teachers and I might get a good mark? Oh the stupid bit. That was me for doing the run twice and then only drinking 2 beers and a down down and ending up dehydrated that night and sore the next day. So you probably don’t care about me so I’ll move on. The run started near the RFPS but didn’t go through it. Hallelujah! As pointed out by Red it did however cover an area that encapsulated two postcodes. He actually didn’t say encapsulated, I added that myself. We did the run to Sunset Park where the running is more upmarket and then back past the Big Boab roundabout to Roebuck. There were 36 six of us in all. Obviously there’s not much to do in Broome on a Monday night. At some stage of the run I spied Buttabitch with his horn in hand blow into Slangs ear. She probably deserved it for arriving late and driving the first part of the run and then abandoning her car. Shows dedication though. We had a few walkers as well. Old injured people who know the importance of turning up. Actually don’t tell anyone but I think there’s a bit of a competition on to be the second person to get to 100 runs. Our GM Kamakazi is the only person to do so at this stage but Red, Muppet and Cockup have all hit about 90 runs. So expect to see those guys each week. The circle was ovalish and crowded. The four hares and Faucet had no problems putting away their down downs. Proudly sponsored by Matsos Ginger Beer. We had sum virgins, the some of which I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter, they had to listen to “like a virgin, whoa, touched for the very first time, like a virrrrrrgin mumble, mumble, mumble down down down…..”. I like the song but we need to fix up the end bit. We had a couple of namings with Franger now part of the family and of course anyone who takes a forklift into a septic tank needs to be called Shitlifter. They have pumps now mate. Hey Porno and Slang. What were you looking at when you pulled these faces? And the food. Subway. I can't believe they pre catered for 36 and 36 turned up.
As mentioned before I forget some of the other stuff that happens so please feel free to add a comment on the end.
Piss off.

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