Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run#162 The Trash

If you classed the last Hash Run in terms of cans of beer then there were one and a half cartons of us running around. Seven unmarked cans, a couple of cans we hadn’t seen round for a while, a few pairs of cans, lots of girl cans and a couple of older cans that are still in pretty good nick. Westpac and Analtool sure pulled a crowd. The run was good and like all cool cans in this climate we all had the condensation dripping down our sides. No RFPS which was great. Considering it was at the end of their street. Poor Stealth got pooed on in the bushy section near the airport but managed to get it off and continue on. There was a Hash Halt on the corner of Gus Winckel Road. Pretty sad to think we stood eating icypoles on the very spot (almost) where Gus Winckel once stood and no-one even mentioned it. So who the fuck was Gus Winckel you may ask? Thankyou for asking. I will tell you. On the 3rd of March 1942 Broome was attacked by Japanese Zeros and they shot up the Catalina’s tied up top the old jetty in Roebuck Bay. They then went on to shoot up the planes on the airstrip. Gus had just flown in from Indonesia and saw the jap planes heading his way so he ripped the machine gun off his plane and shot down one of the Zeros. Pretty cool aye.
Enough intellectual stuff. More crap. A couple of tossers like Slowlane and Bubbles took a really long check in the wrong direction after the halt. Not as bad as Red though who ended up having to be picked up in a car. Muppet broke her golden rule and followed Red but luckily pulled out at the last minute. The on home was more of a find your own way home but with so many runners it was easy to follow someone else. The Hares had their down down and poor Westpac was made an instant wet tee shirt competitor by Arseabout the enforcer. What is it with some of these girls? They look so sweet and innocent and then you give them a little taste of power and pow, Saddam Hussein. We'll have to hand cuff her to Slang. Slow Lane was the RA and it was also his 50th run. Some poor person took a flying down down because instead of SL downing his beer it went straight over his shoulder. He’s not supposed to do that but as he actually holds a position of power he got away with it. 7 virgins. Wow. I didn’t know there were that many left.
There was some big communal thing that ended up with lots of regulars partaking in the Matsos Ginger beer laced down downs. Not sure what that was about. Food. As usual at Goshawk Loop the meal was hot and delicious and copious amounts of it. Saw some of the usual suspects taking away their containers of left overs for work the next day. The Beer. As usual, plenty of it and nice and cold. Porno and Fish fingers have got that job sorted. Even lots of lights for me so that I write something nice about them. Remember next week. Wear a dress. Not just any dress but a red one. Should be fun. End.


Anonymous said...

Hey Yamasitta
Is that your tongue or part of the icypole? Click on photo.

Anonymous said...

What is porno doing in that photo? Looks like he is trying to swallow the pole whole!! Living up to his name?