Thursday, February 25, 2010

Run#164 The Trash

Well that was fucking stupid. Can I say that? Sure. Thanks. Signing on with 4 slightly new virgins to set a 6.8 km run! Firstly I have to admire their gallantry in setting a run so early in their career but then disparage them for setting it at 4.30 on the Monday but then they/we did get it done and it was a good run so I must also extol them. I’m using fancy words because they are school teachers and I might get a good mark? Oh the stupid bit. That was me for doing the run twice and then only drinking 2 beers and a down down and ending up dehydrated that night and sore the next day. So you probably don’t care about me so I’ll move on. The run started near the RFPS but didn’t go through it. Hallelujah! As pointed out by Red it did however cover an area that encapsulated two postcodes. He actually didn’t say encapsulated, I added that myself. We did the run to Sunset Park where the running is more upmarket and then back past the Big Boab roundabout to Roebuck. There were 36 six of us in all. Obviously there’s not much to do in Broome on a Monday night. At some stage of the run I spied Buttabitch with his horn in hand blow into Slangs ear. She probably deserved it for arriving late and driving the first part of the run and then abandoning her car. Shows dedication though. We had a few walkers as well. Old injured people who know the importance of turning up. Actually don’t tell anyone but I think there’s a bit of a competition on to be the second person to get to 100 runs. Our GM Kamakazi is the only person to do so at this stage but Red, Muppet and Cockup have all hit about 90 runs. So expect to see those guys each week. The circle was ovalish and crowded. The four hares and Faucet had no problems putting away their down downs. Proudly sponsored by Matsos Ginger Beer. We had sum virgins, the some of which I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter, they had to listen to “like a virgin, whoa, touched for the very first time, like a virrrrrrgin mumble, mumble, mumble down down down…..”. I like the song but we need to fix up the end bit. We had a couple of namings with Franger now part of the family and of course anyone who takes a forklift into a septic tank needs to be called Shitlifter. They have pumps now mate. Hey Porno and Slang. What were you looking at when you pulled these faces? And the food. Subway. I can't believe they pre catered for 36 and 36 turned up.
As mentioned before I forget some of the other stuff that happens so please feel free to add a comment on the end.
Piss off.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RUN #165 01MAR

Where? Gantheaume Point - On the beach near the ramp.

When? Monday 01 March at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm away

Why? Not?

Torches may be a good idea.

Hares? Cock Up & Red

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run#164 Feb 22

HARES:-Four ex virgins

VENUE:- 3 Ibis Way, Roey Estate




Run#163 The Trash

Red. Where were you? We name a run after you and you don’t even turn up. Fortunately 30 other people did. I worry about a couple of them though as they didn’t dress in red but willingly ran with us. Weirdos! Hey, Butterbitch, you looked hot. Don’t do it again. Barge you were hot too but that was just because of the long heavy dress you wore, and Porno I thought you could have at least worn a Borat style outfit. Faucet WOW! Other people. Good effort, especially one of the newbie’s who came straight from the airport. And pyjama boy, I can see your dilemma. Your jammies are blue.

The Run. Amazing. Poor old Slow Lane got sucked into almost every on back. Well done Bubbles. A great virgin run. Lots of exposure and the cheer squads were great, especially up on Kennedy Hill. It sort of felt like being at the Olympics. Westpac flew past. I do wonder though if some of our male cheer squad had their beer googles on and thought me, Analtool and Butterbitch were hot. It’s a scary thought really. Did anyone notice Halfarsed was sitting in a restaurant in Chinatown as we ran by??? And who were those perverts looking up my dress when I was using my raw untapped talent to create innovative shots while laying on my back in Sam Su Lane? The airport sucked a few in as they didn’t realise it connected to the Boulevard. And who were the slackers who bypassed the second half of the run and sneaked back to the pool? Fish Fingers!

We had the down downs around the pool. AT the RA in fine form. Lots of people lots of charges. Only one virgin. A few returnees. I think it was Blondie back with 9 runs in 3 years. What an effort! It’s BAS you do quarterly not HASH you dickhead. Which reminds me I haven’t done mine yet. You self employed people know what I mean and the rest of you just think I’m a wanker. Actually we have a song about that.

The role of enforcer didn’t count for much on Monday night as I think everyone ended up in the pool anyway. Actually it’s not a pool it’s a Public Aquatic Facility and I have a licence to operate it which I may now loose as I neglected to tell you all that there was not a life guard on duty. SSSHHHH don’t tell anyone.

Food. Meat, cheese, tortillas, sour cream, onion, carrot, zucchini, tomato, lettuce, capsicum, cucumber and chilli. That’s 8 veg or is chilli a herb and I think tomatoes are a fruit and cumbers have multiple uses. Too complicated. Please feel free to add a comment and add to the blog if I have neglected to mention something.

And one last thing on a more serious note. We donated the money from the night ($180) to the Klye Andrews Foundation. For those that don't know, Kyle Andrews was a young Broome boy who died of cancer in 1998 and a foundation was set up to bring him and his friends from his Perth hospital ward up to a camp in Broome. Since then they have continued to bring up a group of kids every year from Perth who have cancer. They get a lot of local support and have now built a house in Roebuck Estate which is free for familes who have a child undergoing cancer treatment or who may have just lost a child to cancer and need a break.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run#163 Feb 15

Run No. 163
Special "Almost on Valentines Day Red Dress Run"
Red Dress preferred but other red garments accepted.
A Hash House Harriers Annual Event
Please don't wear a dress that clashes with mine. Short red taffeta cocktail dress with central ruffles.Faucet.
Hares: Faucet and Bubbles
Venue: 10 Stewart St. (opp Courthouse) pool available after run
Time: Be Reddy at 5.45 for 6.00 Off
Food and drink

Run#162 The Trash

If you classed the last Hash Run in terms of cans of beer then there were one and a half cartons of us running around. Seven unmarked cans, a couple of cans we hadn’t seen round for a while, a few pairs of cans, lots of girl cans and a couple of older cans that are still in pretty good nick. Westpac and Analtool sure pulled a crowd. The run was good and like all cool cans in this climate we all had the condensation dripping down our sides. No RFPS which was great. Considering it was at the end of their street. Poor Stealth got pooed on in the bushy section near the airport but managed to get it off and continue on. There was a Hash Halt on the corner of Gus Winckel Road. Pretty sad to think we stood eating icypoles on the very spot (almost) where Gus Winckel once stood and no-one even mentioned it. So who the fuck was Gus Winckel you may ask? Thankyou for asking. I will tell you. On the 3rd of March 1942 Broome was attacked by Japanese Zeros and they shot up the Catalina’s tied up top the old jetty in Roebuck Bay. They then went on to shoot up the planes on the airstrip. Gus had just flown in from Indonesia and saw the jap planes heading his way so he ripped the machine gun off his plane and shot down one of the Zeros. Pretty cool aye.
Enough intellectual stuff. More crap. A couple of tossers like Slowlane and Bubbles took a really long check in the wrong direction after the halt. Not as bad as Red though who ended up having to be picked up in a car. Muppet broke her golden rule and followed Red but luckily pulled out at the last minute. The on home was more of a find your own way home but with so many runners it was easy to follow someone else. The Hares had their down down and poor Westpac was made an instant wet tee shirt competitor by Arseabout the enforcer. What is it with some of these girls? They look so sweet and innocent and then you give them a little taste of power and pow, Saddam Hussein. We'll have to hand cuff her to Slang. Slow Lane was the RA and it was also his 50th run. Some poor person took a flying down down because instead of SL downing his beer it went straight over his shoulder. He’s not supposed to do that but as he actually holds a position of power he got away with it. 7 virgins. Wow. I didn’t know there were that many left.
There was some big communal thing that ended up with lots of regulars partaking in the Matsos Ginger beer laced down downs. Not sure what that was about. Food. As usual at Goshawk Loop the meal was hot and delicious and copious amounts of it. Saw some of the usual suspects taking away their containers of left overs for work the next day. The Beer. As usual, plenty of it and nice and cold. Porno and Fish fingers have got that job sorted. Even lots of lights for me so that I write something nice about them. Remember next week. Wear a dress. Not just any dress but a red one. Should be fun. End.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Run#162 Feb 8






Thursday, February 4, 2010

Run#161 The Trash

Hey, how cool is this collage? Cockup showing his little titties in the bottom corner. Who are those girls chasing him? I've managed to stick a run 161 slideshow to the left. Click on it for bigger photos. Anyway the trash is as follows,

Great run yet again, actually great virgin run as they managed to suck in lots of the older hashers into their many on backs. Even the Cable Beach Caravan Park. Put your hand up if you were one of those losers. You can put it down again now. The hares were Perky and Buttabitch or Butter-Bitch or what ever way you spell your name, actually probably the latter hyphenated double barrel one as you live in Sunset Park. Long run, poor old Cockup on his first run for a while pulled up a bit lame and short-cutted home. I like a good run and with almost another 30 people turning up so must the rest of you. Cockup was saying we’re a pretty young Hash group compared to others he’s been involved with. I’m young, just trapped in an aging body. Mr Tool was the RA again after a pitifully unsuccessful attempt to pawn it off to someone else. He does a good job so he could be stuck with it. We only had two virgins and one of them was made to drink a beer out of her new shoe. I thought that was a bit rough on the first night when she didn’t know the rules but then hey, what rules, we don’t have any. We had two shoe drinkers and then 3 namings. The man who works at the wood place got called Woodpecker. I’m making an assumption here because he dobbed his other half in for a name, Gash which had to do with a gash on the other end of her leg (from a previous run). I think a few girls I know would chop it off for that and he’d need to make himself a wooden pecker. If that doesn’t make sense then bad luck, it’s late and it made sense to me as I wrote it. And last but not least. Bubbles. What a great Hash name. That what happens when you fart in the spa or at least sit in it all night and get covered in your namesake. As usual I can’t remember what the other charges were for. Doesn’t matter anyway. The food. Well. Pizza. Can’t really comment on that can I, but probably a good time to mention to those of you contemplating setting a run. You don’t have to provide a meal after the run if you don’t want to but it is a nice social thing. Pizza is easy as you can just count how many turn up and ring through the order so it’s there when we get back. Some people are good cooks or good organisers or even good con artists and get someone else to do it for them and we end up with amazing meals. Either way just see Westpac and she’ll fix you up for the cost of the meal. We try and keep it around the $5.00 a head. And just to finish off with something interesting to make it all worthwhile. Did you know, I’m guessing you didn’t, unless you read this blog or are some sort of weirdo who spends too much time reading crap on the net, that Americans eat 350 slices of Pizza a second which equates to about 100 acres a day. That must be a combined total and not per person otherwise they’d be really fat and have to spend all day eating….