Sunday, January 31, 2010

Run#160 The Trash

Excuses, excuses, excuses, got heaps but you probably don’t give a shit so I won’t bother. Got the photos of the Aussie Day run loaded early though. In the wrong place but getting better. And just to set things straight, I didn’t take all the ass shots. Seems like every time someone new gets the camera we end up with ass shots, and not the best ones (which would be okay). What a great night Barge put on. 32 people. Wow! And only 5 of them virgins. The run was long and arduous. Following pink ribbons which disappeared after we ran passed them and unfortunately matched some faded ones from an old run in Minyirr Park and some new surveyor’s ones in Janaburu. Still everyone made it back eventually. We all deserved to

drink the esky dry and did. It was great having Analtool back as R.A and there were plenty of down downs to hand out. Some of the one’s I remember were Faucet drinking out of his new shoe, Conchie downing the nectar via a new thong (aussie footwear item) and the 3 stooges, Pash, Slang and Stealth funnelled theirs through their hats. We had two namings with Butterbitch finally getting a jersey and Yamashitta adding some asian influence to our growing list of Hash names. Things are going well with names, only a couple left to be named. I wasn’t around last week but one of the girls was christened Crackafat.

An interesting story to go with that one I’m sure. The food. Yum. My favourite Australian dish, meat pies and chips and then lamingtons. The Spa. Old record 9 people, new record 16. That’s what I call an achievement. It started off mellow enough with a couple of blokes dining peacefully a la some snobby Gentlemen’s club and then ended up some gargantuan aquatic brothel with hundreds of body parts slithering around in a soup of foam and salty sweat. Some people actually enjoyed the bonding experience or for some temporary anatomical expansion found them unable to get out. I went home; it was all too much for me. And that was just Australia Day eve..


Anonymous said...

Another great write up. Its what I look forward to at the end of my week! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous - you need to get out more if this blog is the highlight!!

Anonymous said...

My mother can write whatever she wants.