Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RUN #159 The Trash

Everyone turned up in teh car park at Tamika Court wondering how Slang and Pash were going to bludge their way through another hash run...., they didn't let us down.

With a faint nod to Australia Day 'round the corner and Slang's burgeoning vocabulary the run consisted of a series of missing clues, a badly drawn map and most of the dodgier parts of Broome. (We had started from Tamika Court after all)

What a great concept - using anachronistic colloquialisms from the 50s and 60s taped to poles in obscure locations all over town.

There was a naming born of this though and Crack a Fat (Another oddly-accented Hasher) leapt forth into the HHH world.

Awesome spread as usual and I'm not referring to anyone's waistline -

Besides NEITHER of them actually running on the night the entire run had been set by car (not bothering to keep off the verge and leaving tyre tracks everywhere for starters!)

More to come.

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