Saturday, January 16, 2010

RUN #158 the Trash

No Photos, No Narcissism.

A large crowd gathered on the front lawn of arseabout's house. Someone was seen wringing the very air to fill their water bottle - it was that hot and wet.

A shabby, obese group of returnees and some taught fit regulars made up the field. Plus a couple of walkers, an insignificant dog and someone's pet.

Half Arse could barely be and started the run with a 100m handicap.
Dead things galore assaulted our senses - I think we ran past a dead cow - I'm a little concerned that the Airport Fireys are conducting animal sacrifices over the back fence, there was that many of them.

We again tested the security arrangements around the airport perimeter - Hash still has not had a member specially rendered it won't be long and I reckon it'll be Slang as the most middle eastern looking hasher we've got since Chards and his beard left (and she'd probably enjoy it the most).

Horns were sorely missed but we had Maestro squeezing his bulb for all it was worth.

Yet another virgin was despoiled - although she was certainly very reluctant to own up to it!

A farewell to Spec for 6 months and an almost naming - Steve had new laces and was subsequently fined very slim and a grasping of down down straws - I'd suggested fines for NEW ideas too if I thought we'd ever catch anyone with one.

Awesome spread as usual, with dessert. Who can beat Bangers and Mash when it is 130% Humidity and at least 40 degrees? I can't remember what dessert was - Hot Fudge Cake?????

What a shitty RA we had. Thank God Anal is back on the Job.

Apologies if I haven't insulted everybody - let me know at the run and I'll make it up to you in person.

Red (Guest Trasher in the absence of ..........)


Anonymous said...

My God - who is this genius Guest Trasher? Let's hope that other guy Force-It doesn't come back too soon.

What wit! And he used the name of a Greek God!

It was just like being there.

Thanks again this is the most exciting thing I've read since ...forever!

Anonymous said...

Your fan must be a total loser.
I do admire your style though