Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Run #156 The Trash

What Can I say? Well actually I can say whatever I like. Run number 156. What a fantastic run. Beautiful location, great trail markings, variety of terrain, magnificent sunset , cool Indian Ocean breezes, a chance to run on the famous Broome racecourse, a water crossing and all set over a nice length run (unless you were Spec and took the 2km detour around the water obstacle). So where the fuck was everybody? No singing, no Roebuck Primary. You can’t use the fact that you were away on holidays as an excuse. We have lots of daily flights now so you could have flown home for the run. Oh well, your loss. Anyway the fantastic seven of us were treated to Faucets legendary Sausage Scroll thingies. Catered for twelve and we nearly polished them all off. Lucky they have lots of healthy vegies in them. Great to see Fish Fingers back and in good form, leaving her boss in her wake. A couple of no namers were back and keen although one of them sneaked off early with Bee Knees to avoid the water obstacle. Obviously didn’t want to get their petticoats wet. And Muppet the stayer dragged herself off the couch to clock up run number 83. What dedication. Not much else to say really. A bit silly singing songs when there are only 7 people but we did. And for something intelligent. Did you know that the word Queue still sounds the same if you take away the last four letters. I know, how do I keep coming up with such amazing things?
Next week. First run of theyear. Run off the holiday excess (and then eat and drink some more).
It will be at Hilary's, that's the person not the place. Details to come.

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Anonymous said...

A christmas message to the faithful:

"I wish you peace, love & health, blah, blah, blah. Fuck that Shit! I wish you lots of sex, alcohol, orgasms and hope you win the fuckin lottery.

Happy holidays"

Love - a fellow faithful