Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Run #154The Trash

I have a concern. Muppet and Fish Fingers set the trail on the weekend but when we turned up on Monday night for the run; Muppet and Porno were there but Fish Fingers nowhere to be seen. Until meal time when she perhaps turned up on the plate! Is there some sort of weird love sex triangle thing going on here? What were these weird drawings on the run? Why did Muppet borrow my mulcher on Saturday? Why were there so many fish fingers? And do fish really have fingers? Too many questions for such simple folk. Anyway despite starting to eat our members we’re still getting good numbers turn up for runs. The run was shit of course, no-one died, no-one got lost, not even Radar but at least we didn’t go through the Primary school. Slang appeared late in the middle of the run and a few of the fast boys and Quickie looked like they’d been swimming or at least got a good workout. Slow Lane was the RA, unfortunately a couple of his more amusing remarks were wasted on those few people not paying attention. Slang copped lots of flak for her antics as the evil enforcer last week but this week was much mellower. So sweet! We had a couple of virgins and repeat virgins who must be ready for a naming soon. Probably going to be unfortunate if they get a hash name that has something to do with food! Half-arsed returned with a child which I think was his, Shrink was back and flashing her sexy look but who the fuck is the person in the other photo? My fault I guess, I just put the camera down and....

Faucet ended up having a down down for wearing a dress and a wig on Friday night, I thought I was quite hot. He shared his down down with Slow Lane but I can’t remember why but it seems to happen a lot. Can’t he drink on his own? The Fishfingers were good, fresh and lots of them and the chips yummy. I ate them as if I knew nothing. Pash didn’t get a mention this week. Oh shit, yes she did.

And second last but not least the bit of factual information for those requiring some cerebral stimulation. Did you know that the first cyclone to be named in Western Australia was called Bessie in 1964? They then named cyclones after women until 1975 when they began alternating them with male names. Pretty cool.

And last. Next Week. Lots of Fun. Last run before Xmas, My 50th(run). Director, wheel barrow, xmas carols and hopefully the real fishfinger. Ho Ho Ho. .

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FF said...

Looks like I missed out on a good one! Setting the run with Muppet proved an exhausting task and I could not attend the 154th run. I'm actually still at home bed ridden with more drugs than a hippie in the 70's. Speaking of hippies Muppet looked good as one especially with the blonde hair. I was more keen on faucene. She was rather stunning dont you think? I see you liked the pictures from the run? I'm not sure who wrote 'die bitch' but it wasnt us! Unless Muppet got bored while doing an on back! Looking forward to the christmas run.Lets hope I'll be back in human form by then!