Thursday, December 10, 2009

Run #153 The Trash

Well finally I’ve got some good smutty gossip about a couple of hashers, thanks to Slang and Pash. Unfortunately Slang told me not to say anything and considering the way she viciously “iced” the face of a virgin when she was down down enforcer on Monday, I’m too scared to say anything. So I guess it’s just “our” little secret. Shame. The Run. Not Bad for a Roey run, No Roey Primary School. Yeh. Pink Bits and Barge were the Hares and wanted to make sure we earned our beers. Barge might have short legs but sets long runs. They kept the pack together well and made Spec do lots of work checking out the falsies. Good to see Quickie back but 4 weeks holiday had slowed her down. Better effort than Slow Lane though, who turned up late, slapped himself in the face a bit then poured water on his head and said he’d just had a good work out. There was a great Hash Halt at Divers where Pink Bits confused the poor barmaid so much we ended up with a couple of free jugs of beer. The Virgins were a bit worried about drinking in the middle of the run, but they got over it and joined in. It was a long on back from Divers to Kestral especially if you followed the racey Barge down the first falsie or one of the virgins who takes you on the long route. It was great to have Slow Lane back to run the circle and supply the Matso’s ginger beer. Not that I particularly like ginger beer but everyone else seems to. It’s so strange that everybody is weird except me. I guess I’m getting used to that now though. The circle had three virgins which was great to see and we have a few old virgins who are turning up regularly and will soon need names, so start thinking. We did have the naming of the little girl lost who was christened Radar mainly due to her first effort out in Sunset Park where we unsuccessfully sent out a search party for her. Radar of course is a palindrome. No, Fish Fingers, not one of those things you ride bicycles around. I think she’s the only palindrome we have so it’s pretty exciting. Right.
We had a couple of returnees and sang a dismal farewell song to Flasher who’s finally realised we’re just a bunch of losers and is heading south. Slang took on the role of enforcer with relish. Hopefully next week she’s mellowed out a bit or we might have to hand cuff her to a post.
Food. Enough chilli con carne (or whatever you would call it) for all of Roebuck estate and was great. I had two helpings. It’s okay to eat and drink more at Xmas so you get fat and make Santa feel a little less obese. Speaking of Santa and Xmas, don’t forget to turn up on Friday for our Xmas Party. Wear something beginning with H. At first I was thinking of coming as a hormone but that’s just a noise so I’ll have to think of something else. Get back to work. See you tomorrow. This is what lots of guys are dreaming about at Xmas!


Anonymous said...

I find that you have been mislead. Everyone else is normal and you are weird. That's why you write the blog. So we can laugh at you and the way you see the world :-) Another good effort this week. Make sure you do a blog on the party!! There will be gossip there Í'm sure!

Red said...

is that Mrs Christmas passed out on the esky?

Sorry Anonymous,

Faucet is only ever mis(as in erroneously or badly)-laid never mislead.