Saturday, October 10, 2009

Run #144 The Trash

What a pleasure it was to be part of such an amazing run. The Ash and Pash hash bash drew a crowd of 23 honed athletes to run from Broome’s famous town beach. One hasher even came all the way from Victoria to participate. The spectator crowd was the largest we have ever had at a hash night, perhaps 2500 people. There were food vans, entertainment, fire twirlers and live music. One down side was that the parking was a bit of a problem. The piece de rĂ©sistance of the night of course was how the girls had organised the full moon rise at the end of the run. It was so dreamy. The run, well, that was shit. It started off well with everyone leaving from the same spot but then deteriorated from there. Although I enjoyed the run I had no idea where I was going. The girls had used coloured chalk, which must have looked pretty when they set the run. And the arrows, wow, some even pointed in two directions at once. How innovative. As we all went in different directions I can only write about the version of the run I went on. The first bit was down a smelly drain to the beach below the old jetty where a huge crowd had gathered to see us off. I sort of felt like I was a competitor in the night Olympics, It gives me goose bumps as I think about it. Actually that was the best bit. Then sort of lots of circle thingies and I sort of headed in the general direction of my house because I new there was a pretty blue check on the corner there. I stuck in sight of the girls so I didn’t get too lost but by the time we’d reached the Courthouse there were only 4 runners and the hares left. (Sorry Muppet for calling you a loser when you temporarily lost just 13 runners). Red and I decided to halve the pack and hid in the bushes near my house. No one even noticed, they just ran on oblivious to our absence. Thanks Slow Lane and Quickie! As we emerged from our hiding place my daughter and her friends were walking past. Her friends thought it was a bit weird, my daughter thought. Hi Dad. Red and I then carried out a bit of community service by returning a misplaced wheelchair that we found on the street, back to the hospital. One of us sat in the chair but due to patient confidentiality I can’t say who that was. The patients waiting in the ED thought we were a bit odd, maybe it was the trumpet. The face of nurse behind the desk said a lot but her range of emotion didn’t seem to extend to “thanks for returning our fugitive wheelchair”. We eventually made it back to town beach but obviously missed the waiting crowds as they seem pre occupied with something over to the east. The circle eventually formed and as Slow Lane was mentioning the lowness of the median age of hashers, Happy and her friend turned up to even it out again. Without a few oldies like Cockup and Kama and Wombat's mum who sneaked of due to detox it leaves people like me and Muppet as the regular oldies. The down downs were a tasty mix of Matso’s ginger beer and some of Shrinks flash beer. Wombat and the new girl with no name drank theirs out of their new shoes and Director drank his out of his whistle trumpet thing. He also did a weird dance. Maybe it was the full moon. Actually I think it was his idea to have it at staircase mmm! He’s organising the Halloween hash too, this is all getting a little scary. And finishing up with more scary, here’s is a nice picture of the shit run girls Ash and Pash. Is that fire coming out of Pash's head? Great first time effort guys.

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