Friday, October 2, 2009

Run #143 The Trash

I’m not sure if the Queen knew we celebrated her birthday with a run in Sunset Park. She didn’t send us a thankyou telegram but I guess she will once she’s read the Blog. No doubt she’d be suitably impressed. A party of twenty plus loyal subjects again headed out on the run but this time with a bit of a difference. The hares were Booberator and DJ from Perth who set the run using those fancy city slicker marks. The first FT we came to caused some confusion but we eventually worked it out and those checks with the pointy arrows. Sort of appropriately Tiaraish.
A few of us put in the effort and dressed up in our best Queen gear. Pash and Ash ran in silky garb, a few Tiaras, a pearl necklace and a white glove. A bit sad really, not sure what the residents of all the courts in Sunset Park thought as we seemed to run down them all. The guy with the hose was happy to cool us down. Faucet ran with his horn, which as promised last week, was a long one. Back at Boobs we had the circle on the deck by the moat. Ash unfortunately was to fall in it later as she crossed the bridge. I think it was due to hesitation. Slow Lane was the RA again and looked sweet in his borrowed tiara. Not too many down downs. The one I had was bloody cold. The circle dragged on a bit with discussions about the next run which coincides with the staircase to the moon or vice versa. I liked the suggestion we run out onto the mud and put on our own “staircase to the moons” show. Westpac let everyone know that she was looking for someone to look after the Hash purse while she heads off on her holiday soon. Commando’s having a fluoro 30 bye bye party, Director added a few suggestions and free adverts. I tried feigning a dehydration collapse as the circle dragged on but when it appeared the only beer I was going to get was an external one I jumped back up again. I was waiting for the discourse to move on to the Republican debate when, suddenly it was all over. We all crossed the moat and it was a feast for all. Always a feed fit for a King when Booberator is involved. Muppet tried to push a few Tee shirts, which she did. The conversation somehow got onto oil and gas and I managed to sneak away. Staircase next week, should be good.

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