Saturday, September 5, 2009

Run#139 The Trash

Well this weeks run was really good, according to Cockup, who must have mentioned it at least six times. I was beginning to wonder if he was looking for a threesome with the hares. (Slang and Half-arsed) But, saying that, I thought it was a good run too. Sadly not many people were there to enjoy it.

When are some of you people going to get your priorities right! You need exercise, you need to socialise, you need to laugh, you need to eat and you need to drink. For just $10 and two hours of your time you get all that and more on a Monday night. Two hours!


And Shrink, What’s your story? You’ve gone from the heights of “Beer Queen” with an array of beverages to rival any pub in town down to a cardboard box of stubbies languishing on the ground outside Slangs back door. And Faucet, you slack arse why are you writing all this crap six days after the run.

Now that I’ve berated everyone I can move on to the run.

Pretty sneaky, hard to pick some of the false trails. A few drains, Chinatown, Paspaley’s, through the Roey, through the Mangrove. A nice workout. The food was great as well. We had a couple of visitors from Mandurah and a virgin. We also had a naming with Tug getting a good christening from the RA. The Director turned up with the update to next weeks Shinju run. He also produced the headbands for next weeks run. Great job. Make sure you turn up next Tuesday night to get one. Our Matriarch, Muppet, modelled one on the night. It’s upside down. What a Loser!


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