Friday, August 14, 2009

Run #136 The Trash

Well last Mondays run will have to go down as the best hash run ever. Not just because I helped Quickie set it but because I write all this crap and I can put whatever I like. Jokes aside it was a good run and a great turnout even though we were missing a few of the regulars like Kama, Cockup, Read, Booberator and Director. Over 20 people running backwards and forwards through the bush around Roebuck Estate, Blue Haze and the Rodeo grounds. It was a 5 km walk or about an 8 km run for all those suckers who took all the long onbacks. Well done Conchie. Unfortunately Mr A.Tool the hornblower was taken out by a sidewinder cruise missile while calling on the pack.
Back at Quickies we had the circle led by Slow Lane who christened a couple of Virgins and charged Half-arsed and Barge for being wankers in bright red shorts. The enforcers had an easy night as most people were able to put away their down downs as we were all pretty hot, sweaty and thirsty. We had home made sausage rolls and a nice healthy salad with pine nuts! A couple of slackers, namely Shrink and Muppet, just turned up at the end for the food and drink.
As the hares, Quickie and I had a great time setting the trail. It is fun trying to work out how to catch out the older and/or faster hashers and make the bastards run harder.
If you haven’t set a trail yet then have a go, just ask on Mondays after the run and get someone to help you set it if you prefer. The food can be a flash or as simple as you like to make it and is paid for Westpac.
Next week at Barge’s there’s a spa. Does that mean it’s going to be a hard run? OnOn

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