Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Photos: Sammy on the loose, above. Hashers Conchie, Two Dogs and Viagra ready to Leg it for Sammy in 2008 Shinju Float Parade.

It has become a new Broome tradition that BH3 helps Sammy the Dragon during Shinju Matsuri (Festival of the Pearl). Basically you become a Leg and run around creating fabulous Shinju magic in the giant Chinese dragon called Sammy.
Leg training is Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5pm on the Civic Centre lawns (until Shinju, which starts on friday september 4). Sammy will be appearing in the Float Parade and opening and closing cermonies.
Without enough Legs, Sammy has to stay locked in the civic centre storeroom :-(
Your Legs are needed - more Legs are needed!!!!!

Photos: Commando ready to roll, above ... Meanwhile Barge Arse wasn't a Sammy Leg. Instead on such a hot day she dressed up in a tight rubber outfit and paraded behind some other club's float. (s&m float?)

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