Thursday, August 20, 2009

Run#137 The Trash

Well, unfortunately I was unable to make the run last Monday night so I can’t write about it so instead I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Trash to my excuse for not turning up. It was my cousins 50th birthday and he was having a party at his Villa in Bali. He sent his private jet over to pick me up so I found it a bit hard to say no. You would be happy to know I took my runners and Broome Hash shirt with me and participated in part of the Hash run on the Monday night. The drinking part! In fact I participated really, really hard and am still paying for it. I‘m sure you would have all been proud. You can see in the photo how I was having trouble deciding which beer I wanted as I boarded, Maybe I should have taken Shrink along with me.

Actually Bali apparently has a popular Hash group. Unfortunately my timing was wrong but if anyone is heading over that way keep it in mind and check out their website. Running around over there would be great. If you can go by private jet it is always much nicer. You get red carpet when you arrive in Bali and you skirt around all that immigration and customs crap. It’s only a two hour trip so you don’t get much drinking time. I finally made a decision and went with a Crownie.

I realise this will earn me a down down but I should be able to drink again by Monday.


AlphaBet (millsy) said...

That is f'n HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fawcett you bloody lucky bastard. well done. next time you will have to wear those fancy Aviator Shades and have a big, bald muscley bloke nearby talking into his cuff.

Broome mob said...

tosser! that's definitely a down down