Friday, August 28, 2009

Run #138 The Trash

Well as long as you knew where AT and Westpac live then you would have been able to find the start of this weeks run. Sort of a dodgy run. Hung around the primary school for a while looking for marks in chalk that the kids probably rubbed out. Then off through the scrub following the join the flour dots until we saw the light. It was a big red one. Discovered where lots of the illegal backpackers camp and where they go to the toilet!!!!. Down along the airport road and then a long on Home. Just to show there’s no editorial censorship in the Trash I was made to do a down down for going to Bali and getting a root. Last time I tell Cockup anything. Another girl, who’s name escapes me at the moment admitted to being on a self imposed snogging ban for one month, which raised a few questions. Half-arsed and Slang sneaked off together after the meal. Mmmm what sort of people do we have in Hash?
The down downs went well, without a drop being spilt and shit they were cold. One virgin and a couple of returnees. Muppet gave Cockup a cool down with a mug of chilled water. Not sure what for but he probably deserved it. Good to see Maestro back even if it was only for a cheap feed. Speaking of food. Great fried rice. If you weren’t there then you missed out. Actually there was so much of it you could probably still call in and have some now. A few stragglers stayed on until only the Peroni’s were left and then called it a night. On On til Monday.

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