Monday, August 24, 2009

RUN #138 24AUG

The story so far......

(transcript of communications intercepted over the last few days...)


Just in case you didn't get Cock Ups email, like me and Muppet, Monday's run (24th August) is from AT's and Westpacs somewhere on a corner of Swift and Goshawk somewhere in Roebuck, we think.

On On


Hey Westpac & AT
Didn't you want anybody to know where the run is-double down downs!!

Subject: Re: August 24th Run?
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:08:58 +0800

hi barge,
yeap we are still good for the run, just havent made our mind up where to start. probably at our house , but i will talk to mark and confirm with you is that ok?

Date: 08/18/2009 09:25PM
Subject: August 24th Run?

Hi Guys

Are you still ok for next weeks run? If so where and I will send out the pidgeons!



hound dog - stop humping all night

read - leave the books alone - there is only so much knowledge your brain can absorb

pussy - put the dog out and come play

maestro - move away from the piano - and show us your tune

arse about - bring your elton

westpac - u betta be there coz it is at your place - which you will be

commando - stop fighting them on the beaches and come due to the 'burbs!

effin - who the ef is effin??

quickie - by name and nature

andto all thos others who are missing in action ....

get off your arses, get off the couch - monday night tv is for intellectuals - not hashers!

onnnnnnnnnn onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

HI hashers,
Last week saw a pack of mainly harriets (13) run almost the full length of Minyurr Park. One of the hardest runs we have had to pick up the live trail with plenty of checks. A good run Barge and Bob. If we had 2 more harriers we would have run out of Grog so Shrink is on notice that she was very close to a down down.
By the way Cock up did deliver the ice.
We had 4 turn up to Directors filming on Wed night. We all enjoyed the prawns, champagne, anti pasto, thanks Director everyone else missed out!
We are in the Shinju events calendar!!!!!
Now get off your arses
Lets' all turn up for the sake of your health!!
Ones missing last week
Concsi out of town
Alpha babysitting while Consci out of town
Booberator we are missing you get a new job
Kamakaze we run on Monday nights
Slow Lane you should have Matsos running on its own by now
Snob, just being a snob
Fawcett in Hollywood
Oral test driving canoe
Wombat cant make up her mind
Shrink out testing new beers using a new puppy as an excuse down down
Anal Tool party party party
Westpac cleaning up after the party party party
Vagrant vagrant get rid of the kid for the night you need perantal relief
Knowing Westpac and Tool the nosh will be good too!!!!

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