Saturday, August 8, 2009

Run #135 The Trash

Well Kama and his bitch Slow Lane sure know how to draw a crowd. Twenty eight was a pretty big turnout. It was definitely a great tour of the Roebuck Bay foreshore including the Caravan Park. Up a dune, through the scrub, a few false trails around the poo ponds, into the light industrial area, back through Demco. Then a second Caravan park tour through the PCYC where we had to avoid people throwing punches and then a bloody long on home. We had Visitors and Virgins and even a few birthdays. Muppet would have forgotten to mention hers if a friend hadn’t dobbed her in. A couple of others then got brave and suddenly remembered they were having birthdays too.Why be shy, you get a free beer and people sing to you.
We had a naming with Quickie christened on her knees by Kama and Slow Lane adding the holy water.
Speaking of Holy Water, We now not only have critiques of the run but I heard Shrink the grog girl giving someone a run down on the hops content of the beer. Bloody hell what are we, a bunch of beer drinking experts now? Actually I guess we are. Keep up the good work.

On this run once you had chosen one of the 15 different beers available at Broome Hash you got to sit in the local Park and enjoy a real local delicacy, a Matso’s Curry. Thanks Slow Lane. In closing I must give credit where it's due. Shrink brought just the right amount of beer which was pretty good considering the big turnout, Can she do it again next week!

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