Friday, July 31, 2009

Run #134 The Trash

Arseabout set this week’s longggg run. Definitely ran off enough space for three beers at the end. Half arsed and Slow lane ran off 4 beers but that got them back so late they wouldn’t have had time to drink them. Goes to show that just because you are fast it doesn’t mean you get home first. We had one Virgin (a Matso’s employee), who’d obviously downed a beer or two before and was a pretty slick runner, I’m sure she’ll be back next week. We had a visiting hasher from Bullsbrook who’s done over 700 runs and wasn’t shy in giving us a booming rendition of their hash song. Actually the Broome hashers weren’t in bad form themselves as they sang “I put my hand upon her toe, Ya Ho! Ya Ho!” We had to beep out the naughty bits so the neighbours wouldn’t get upset. Director, wearing a pirate hat and a hearty voice was the Religious Advisor for the evening. It was also his 50th run. A great example of what 50 hash runs can do for a man.

Maestro was the chef for the evening. He hasn’t run for a while due to health problems. As you can see from the photo he held up a sausage to show what he would look like if he kept running. I don’t think it’s the running that’s the problem it's more the lack of beer. More down downs needed for this man. The bangers and mash was a great feed for the cooler evening. On on.

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I'm visiting from Fremantle this Monday 3rd Aug. Where do you meet?
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No Blow
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