Friday, July 24, 2009

Run #133 The Trash

Alpha took on the challenge of setting a run with flour in the rain. Fortunately the rain stopped just as we started and the trail was still there. Around a few circles, across a main road, up a dune, through the bush, along a drain, through some mud and ended up back at six seasons without loosing anyone, which was fortunate as there was only thirteen of us. After the run, like some cheap American western we formed the wagons (Toyotas) in a circle around a puddle and held the Hash circle inside there. We finally had someone admit to a birthday but he was a visitor, Two Fathers, and didn’t realise none of us have birthdays in Broome Hash?????? We had one virgin who put on a miserable attempt at a down down, unlike our visitor who’d had years of experience and was a down down machine. We also had a naming with Drizzle being christened on her knees in the puddle. Alpha set up a soup kitchen in the corner of the circle and lovingly slopped soups into the cups of the cold wet hashers. Slang passed on the shitshirt but I missed who got it and why? All in all it was one of the quieter hash runs with everyone heading home sober and looking for a hot shower.


AlphaBet said...

I had put down a very well marked trail because i was worried about dogs, pesky kids and over zealous shire workers getting in there and leading the pack astray. One of the trails I laid that morning led through a 'drainage' ditch. Was totally blown away when we returned a few hours later to find those over zealous workers had installed a BRIDGE right over the trail. amazing. didn't think they could work so quickly!!

Red said...

I am concerned at the increasingly sophisticated website and the prompt response of the Trasher and others in response.