Friday, July 17, 2009

RUN #132 - The Trash

The run set by Hound dog and Bunny was a great workout but ended up a bit long and lonely for those who got lost. The hash circle ended up more like an SES base camp as we sent out search parties looking for lost (or maybe slow) hashers. Vagrant lost her mummy and daddy and her teddy. Actually I’ll take that back as I’m sure the main man from the SES would not run around in a Solway Park in a dress, horn in hand and flashing his version of staircase to the moon. Although I think the two virgins from Munich were impressed and will spread the word when they return home.
Some of the down downers of late have been downing a bit slow and then missing their heads with the remains of the beer. Hello Muppet! Fortunately Red and Anal stood in as enforcers and did the deed when someone tried to avoid the beer shampoo. I think this is a good policy. The food was healthy shit again but at least the bread rolls were white and not grainy. Slang became the second wearer of the new Shit Shirt which she inherited from Cockup. I can’t remember why she got it but who cares, it’s hers now until she finds some other sucker to wear it.
For those that hung around we ended the night with a quick game of ice soccer. I don’t think it will catch on. I bet a few guys have sore feet!
Good to see lots of hashers turn up last week. I’m a bit worried about the numbers for next Monday’s run though as I’m sure a few people will get lost just finding the start. It will be great to run in some virgin territory. On On.

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