Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hashtrash Run

Hola amigos.El funcionamiento de las noches de lunes era una caza de tesoro en español, but seeing lots of slackers didn't finish the whole run then they didn't learn all the spanish words and therefore have no idea what I am talking about. A spanish treasure hunt, a first for Broome hash. Running around Sunset Park with torches and looking through peoples gardens, behind their trees and along their fences. It's a wonder that no-one was arrested. Slighty harder for those of us with poor eyesight, tiny torches or no map skills but all in all a fun run.
Booberater put on a good spread as usual. The food was good too. Actually the food was great, as were the margeritas and all the posh beer. Shrink took on her new role as hashpissperson with gusto and gay abandon; becks, coronas and heiniken. I suppose fiddling the books is much easier when you are an accountant. The circle started off a bit raunchy when Shrink wore a few of her posh beers and looked like a contestant for the wet tee shirt contest. Happy discovered that you should just take a down down when offered rather than wait for some-one to bring up your sexual exploits as justification.
A couple of good jokes from faucet and kamakazie had a bit if a sexist tone but got a few laughs which was good as most of the runners were women. Come on guys, more representation next week.

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Red said...

Faucet - You legend. Welcome to the nerd world of blogging. Keep this up and you'll get a potgut and a squint like Snob.