Friday, June 26, 2009

Hash Trash Just In

A brief critique of the inaugural agm of the HHH of Broome

the ladies arrived frocked up

the blokes as usual a fuck up.

the pack off in the night black

to the house of AT & westpac,

moving on on to shrink's

for a nibble and a drink.

Male oval it was not

for cake and a Kahlua shot.

through bush, dirt and muck

in the midst of roebuck

Booberator soup -

another stop in the loop.

more down downs follow

the pack is getting slowwer.

Cock-up killed the chooks

'cos that was all he could cook.

more down downs follow

the pack is getting slowwwwwer

arse-about made the cheese and chocs

'coz muppet - forgot!

hash jobs were appointed

to the few annointed.

to the hashers who this night missed

we drank all your free piss!!

on, on............

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